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Meet Jessica

Before starting Vero Law Group, Jessica honed her legal skills at the international law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski LLC (now Norton Rose Fulbright). She formed Vero Law after seeing an opportunity to create a new kind of law firm: one where business attorneys make major contributions to their clients’ growth and where clients rely on their attorneys not only for legal advice but also as trusted advisors for their business.

Create Freedom

If you can be happy in life while creating success for your business, you’ll have found the path to sustainable freedom.

It’s not about work-life balance – it’s about finding freedom in time, money, work and everyday life.

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Jessica’s Purpose

As a business attorney and Managing Partner at Vero Law, Jessica now helps entrepreneurs and CEOs build successful businesses. While working with people in different industries, Jessica recognized first-hand that success at work doesn’t always translate to a fulfilled life, so she started a movement called #RiseAbove.


#RiseAbove connects like-minded entrepreneurs who are all working towards building a meaningful life, not just a successful business, but that too! The #RiseAbove online community is a place where entrepreneurs can share resources, tips, tricks, and wisdom from their own journeys.

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Introducing Course Corrected

In support of her grand vision, Jessica is now in the midst of launching Course Corrected, a hands-on program guided by Jessica herself. Course Corrected will show entrepreneurs how to transform their businesses into successful companies that they love by building foundations for long-term profitability. Course Corrected is committed to growing your future. Our approach recognizes that every individual, every new company is unique and requires different solutions at different times. We’re passionate about helping you create an environment in which you can thrive as an individual, which in turn supports the needs of your business. We are committed to sharing the lessons learned from past experiences to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes and find the quickest path to both freedom and success.  For updates on the launch, and to receive valuable tools, tips and tricks, join our movement by signing up on the right!


There’s No Such Thing as Balance

One of my favorite things in the world is spending time with my daughter at the beach. It’s something I do regularly, and it’s time that is priceless to both of us. While I’m there,

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Why I Quit the News

I used to be an avid reader of the news. I loved being completely plugged in and able to converse with anybody about anything. As a business attorney, I felt I had be up on

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The Wakeup Call

It was August of 2015 when I realized I could no longer juggle the ten different balls I had going in the air. I hadn’t slept for more than four hours a night in almost

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The Fire of Fear

My life on social media is presented to others in its best possible light — you see the highlight reel. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to keep in touch and I’m not discounting that

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Coming Soon!

I'm going to start a blog to dig into life because I want to share more depth on what it is to be an entrepreneur and what it is to challenge oneself to the core.

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